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Some blender users actively support the implementation of architecture-specific functionalities inside blender:

  • to pledge donations for this project, contact blender developer Campbell Barton: ideasman42 at [nospam] gmail dot com
  - what is Nurbana?:

This is a complete 3D NURBS modeling system capable of editing complex curves and surfaces. The modeler offers several higher level modeling tools such as lofting, blending, subdividing, and surface fitting.

    it original coder, Justin, has generously donated it to the blender foundation
  - Mentor of the project (will help the chosen developer to implement the functionalities): 
    Emmanuel Stone, father of the Nurbana integration inside blender: emmanuel dot stone at [nospam] gmail dot com
  - for feature requests contact the blog manager, Claas Eicke Kuhnen: info at [nospam] ckbrd dot de
  - to download blender with nurbs [work in progress], check graphicall
  - to download the source code, install a SVN client and check:
  - to report bugs, please check and edit  this page 
  - for basic nurbs functionalities, please follow this tutorial
  - please consider even small donation (5$) to support the restless blender devs!