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(Mineral (marble, granit..))
(Glass, mirror...)
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Image:Glass material.jpg|{{Filegallery|Glass material.blend|Glass (windows)|GPL}}
Image:Glass material.jpg|{{Filegallery|Glass material.blend|Glass (windows)|GPL}}
Image:Plexiglass blue material.jpg|{{Filegallery|Plexiglass blue material.blend|Plexiglass blue|GPL}}
Image:Golden transparent material.jpg|{{Filegallery|Golden transparent material.blend|Golden transparent|GPL}}

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Materials are classified by category. You can find materials for other rendering engines linked to blender too ([Yaf] for Yafray, [Pov] dor POVray...)

Metal (chrome, bronze, copper, iron, steel, rust, platiné..)

Mineral (marble, granit..)

Plastic, leather

Glass, mirror...

Wood (parquet, flooring, furniture, painted..)

Wall (tapisserie, papier peint...)

Ground (carpet, tile, soil, lino...)

Nature (tree, grass, leaves, ground...)