Put a logo on your render with composite nodes

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Sometimes you need to make a lot of renders fast and don't want to do a lot of post production in a 2D software. That's where Blender's nodes are powerfull. We will see how to stick a logo on each render you make, instantly.

You can download the Complete .blend source file of this tutorial

First, you must get your logo in a picture file format. Gimp is a great tool to create your logo. I would suggest PNG to keep transparency (alpha) and details. We take this logo as example. Logo.png

Nodes : Alpha over rendering

Open Blender.

Separate your 3d view and get a Node view.


Activate the nodes in the composite mode.


Now you have 2 panel boxes in this screen. The "Render Layers" is the result of the rendering process and "Composite" the final result after node composite work. So our purpose is to stick our logo between them.

To achieve this we need two other panel boxes (also called "nodes"). Click "Add->Input->Image" entry in the menu to add one node for our logo. And click "Add->Color->AlphaOver" for the mix tool.


Now we should have this screen:


Click on "Open new" of the "Image" node and load our logo picture.

Link nodes as follow:


"ConvertPremul" should be "on" to have smooth transparency.

To activate the node compositing, you must click on the "Do composite" button of the Render panel (F10). Start a render (F12).


Ok ! You should have this result which shows your logo on your rendering picture.


But, well, it is not really beautiful beacuse the logo is centrered. You have 2 solutions:

- The logo image picture should have the same pixel size than the rendering image. That would mean create a 800x600 png image for a 800x600 rendering picture.

- Use the "translate" node as follow

Nodes : Translation of the logo over the rendering

To translate the logo image over our rendering picture, we must add an other node.

Click the "Add->Convertor->Translate" entry to add the "translate" node.


Configure your composite nodes as follow. You can see that we move the logo 120px right and 150px low to stick to the right-low corner.


Do an render; And the final result is :