Import your model from your Architecture drawing software

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It is always a mess to know how put your work out of an app to another. Let review the best way to import your model to Blender from most used Architecture drawing software :


  • Archicad : Export your model in 3DS format from the 3D view. Choose "by material" to have all materials linked. Import your file in Blender though the built in 3DS import script.
  • Allplan : Export your model in 3DS format from the 3D rendered view. Import your file in Blender with this modified 3DS import script for Allplan.
  • SketchUp : Save your file into the Google Earth 3 format (.kml or .kmz). Blender can import these files through built in import script. Import is good.


  • DXF : You must provide Autocad DXF version 12 files of the project. A file for each floor, for instance. Since the DXF importer has some coordinates problems with large DXF files, the smaller the DXF file, the better. The CAD drawing to be positioned according with CAD program grid. Blocks and polylines must be exploded. All entities in layer 0. Basically only lines, points, circles and arcs will be accepted by the importer.
  • DXF -> SVG : Another way is to convert you DXF sketches into SVG through OpenOffice. Caution: You must restart Blender between each import to avoid a nasty bug. (Blender import your second file AND your first file again if you don't restart)
  • DXF 2007 : Someone is coding another DXF importer script o Blender. Still in beta :
  • Allplan : convert the 2D lines into 3D. Then export in DXF.