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Panorama is a great feature to show space. There are Blender and other free tools to achieve this.


First of all, use the Blender BGC Script to create a Cubic panorama. This wil render six images representing the faces of a cube where the camera is in the center.


Stiching images to panorama

Once you have the 6 images, use GoCubic on Windows or MakeCubic on Mac to create a Cubic QTVR panorama (.mov). I didn't found any open source solution for this step. So no software for Linux plateform.



QTVR panorama can be easily played by Quicktime software but only on Mac and Windows plateforms.


Fortunately, there is a free Java panorama viewer. It's a Java applet called PTViewer. So you can show your panorama to Linux users too (and by the web if you need).

You must use a special version of PTViewer to play QTVR panorama. Here you can donwload a template with all files you need.

Web page example showing a QTVR with PTViewer