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360° Panorama is a very useful to show tiny spaces. It's also very funny to play with and feel the space surrounding the camera.


First of all, use the Blender BGC Script to create a Cubic panorama. This wil render six images representing the faces of a cube where the camera is in the center.


Stitching images to panorama

Once you have the 6 images, use GoCubic on Windows or MakeCubic on Mac to create a Cubic QTVR panorama (.mov).

I didn't found any open source solution for this step. So no software for Linux plateform. The solution would be to have a open source software to stitch these 6 images into an equirectangular image.



QTVR panorama can be easily played by Quicktime software but only on Mac and Windows plateforms.


Fortunately, there is a free Java panorama viewer. It's a Java applet called PTViewer. So you can show your panorama to Linux users too (and by the web if you need).

You must use a special version of PTViewer to play QTVR panorama. Here you can donwload a template with all files you need.

Web page example showing a QTVR with PTViewer