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Work in Progress.

Blender could be used with many external renderers.

List of Rendering engines

The aim of this webpage is to show which rendrerers suit your needs with pro and cons.

NAME__________ HOMEPAGE__________________________________________ SCANLINE____ RAYTRACING__ G.I._______ QMC_____ OPENSOURCE__ EXPORTER_____ PLATEFORM
Blender Internal yes yes sort of no yes :-)
Povray yes yes yes ? yes Blender mod
Yafray yes yes no no yes integrated
Kerkythea yes yes yes ? no yes
Winosi no yes yes ? yes yes
Aqsis yes yes ? yes yes
Indigo no yes yes yes no yes
Sunflow no yes yes yes yes yes

Blender Internal


Fully integrated. All the power of Blender material panel


No GI (only Ambiant Occlusion). Slow antialiasing.



full GI. Nice realistic rendering. Integrated


Transparent material casts solid dark shadow... :-(