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  • Allplan : Export your model from Allplan in 3DS format, and use this script to import your model in your Blender scene.
  • DXF importer : ver.1.0.12 can import both 2D and 3D geometry from DXF files up to v2007. (07.2007 migius at


  • Section: Use a plane to cut many objects at one time. Make your cross-section easily.
  • Lengthen
  • PointAlign Script : To align different vertexes to a coordinate.
  • ProCAD - Italian Manual - English Manual CAD tools for Blender! (Chamfer, Fillet...)
    Download the latest version (2.3) here: Image:Procad23-1.tar.bz2.blend
    Download the latest version (2.4) originaly from here:
  • Quantities bill: This scripts creates a quantities bill from the selected objects. It separates the objects by material, then computes for each object either the volume, the total area or the total length and creates a new text in the text editor, formatted in CSV format, which you can save and open with any spreadsheet application.
  • Cross Section: This script creates cross-sections of selected objects at their intersection with active object. Active object must be a plane (or any one-face object). Only meshes will be cut. Be sure to apply transformations to objects before running the script...
  • Mesh integrity check: This script checks the active mesh for open or non-manifold edges. If all edges are shared by exactly 2 faces, this means we have a perfectly closed manifold mesh. Otherwise, the 1-face or 3-face edges get selected, so you can fix them easily... Useful if you need well-closed meshes, for example when calculating volumes.

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