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I don't get the meaning of this : "Orco textures with enlightment 3d viewport"

Is this Orco visible in the 3D viewport... Orco texturing aligned on the view...

I know that I may be making ridiculous hypothesis but I'm at a lost, sorry.


Maybe i'm not usig the right words. In fact, in textured shading mode (Alt-Z) you can see UVmapping and lighting on your 3d model in the 3d view but not textures, bump and reflexion used in "standard" materials (F5). I mean by orco texturing the flat, cube, cylindrical, sphere mapping in the "map input" panel. I know that Ligthwave has those features. In fact it is very similar to the request to translate "stanndard material" to GLSL request. If the 3D view could show GLSL without Game-engine of course. --Eon 13:01, 9 July 2006 (CEST)

Dreaming... but with Blender dreams have a tendancy to come true. Am I right then to assume that you wish that procedural could be seen in OpenGL ? 'Orco' projection being just one out of many I don't see any reasons to limit ourselves to that one.


Yes. Feel free to correct my sentences.